Bedroom Wall Shelves Ideas

Bedroom Wall Shelves Ideas

There are endless bedroom wall shelf ideas that you could try out in your home. From DIY to store-bought, these shelves can be a great addition to any room and can help organize and display your belongings. Some examples of bedroom wall shelf ideas include using old furniture pieces or frames, using antique mirrors, or using large decorative pillows as storage space.

How Should Shelves be Placed in a Bedroom?

Beds are often placed in bedrooms And other spaces where people sleep. In order to make the most Of A bedroom wall, Shelves should be placed at various heights And distances from the wall. Shelves Should also be placed in areas where people can easily access them, Such as near the bed Or adjacent to A window.

The Group in Odd Numbers for Satisfying Shelves

Bedroom shelves can be A headache to organize. A group of items in even numbers just Doesn’t seem as satisfying, does it? But what if you Want to put books On the left side And shoes on the right side? Or maybe your towels are in odd numbers and your washcloths are even? Grouping things in odd numbers can help with this problem! Here are some ideas for bedroom ledge decorating that will make your shelves look more organized and less cluttered. 

1. Hang a grouping of key chains or small pictures from the top of your shelf. This will help with visual organization and take up less space.

2. Use a large plastic bin to store blankets, sheets, and other larger items on your shelf. This will help with space management and keep everything neatly organized. 

Build Bedroom Shelving Into a Headboard

If your bedroom walls are bare, it’s time to add some storage space. Headboard shelves are a great way to do this – they’re also a great way to add a little bit of personality to your room. Here are some tips for building bedroom shelving into a headboard: 

  1. Measure the Height And width Of the headboard you want to use, And create A rough plan on paper. This will help you figure out How many ledges You’ll need And where they Should go. 

2. Cut The wood pieces according to your plan, Using a saw Or A jigsaw. Make sure the cuts are smooth And even – any imperfections in the wood will show up as bumps Or lumps on your finished product. 

Float a Shelf Above the Bed to Add a Focal Point

You can Choose from different shelving styles to find the perfect one for your space. Some popular options include. corner shelves, Built-in shelves, And floating shelves. Once you Choose the style Of shelving that you want, You will need to measure the height And width Of your bed frame. You will also Need to figure out How much space you have on each side Of the bed for the ledge. Once you have all Of these measurements, You can start shopping for shelving materials. Some popular materials used for shelving are wood, Metal, And plastic. You Will need to decide which material is best suited for your home decor. Once you have chosen A material, Be sure to measure And cut the pieces to fit your needs.

Make your Shelves a Feature with Contrasting Colors

When it Comes to bedroom wall shelves, There are endless possibilities for combinations Of colors And patterns. For A more playful look, Try colorful prints Or contrasting neutrals like black And white. For A more sophisticated look, Choose richer colors like Carmine Or Burgundy. And for A totally unique effect, Go with rich blues, Greens Or purples. Whatever your style, Make sure your ledges are adorned with some eye-catching flair!

The Benefits of Wall Shelf Storage

A wall shelf is A great way to organize your bedroom And make it look more organized. You can use them to store books, Clothes, Toys, And other items. Plus, They’re A great way to use less space in your room. Here are some benefits Of using wall shelves in your bedroom: 

-They take up less space on the wall than A dresser Or closet cabinet. 

-They’re portable so you can move them around if you need more storage space. 

-You can use them to organize toys and other child-related items. 

-They’re easy to Clean since they Don’t have anywhere near as many crevices as A dresser Or closet cabinet.


There are many different ways to organize And display your bedroom wall . Just be creative And Have fun With it! Consider using unique items, Like frames Or sculptures, to add A pop Of color And personality to your space. Finally, Make sure to clean your shelves regularly to keep them looking their best.